To promote mental health stability for participants so they can live a healthier, more independent life within the community while protecting the public.



  • Must have an Axis I mental health diagnosis of schizophrenia, bi-polar, major depression
  • Must be a Black Hawk County court case
  • Services need to be provided within the Black Hawk County Community and through Black Hawk Grundy Mental Health
  • Needs to have at least 12-24 months of supervision
  • A need for intensive team supervision to access community services
  • Must have a new criminal charge or Report of Probation Violation
  • The individual agrees to participate in court ordered treatment and participation in voluntary
  • No clients with a primary diagnosis of Substance Abuse
  • Special needs clients (Brain Injury, Developmental Disabilities) will be reviewed on a case by case basis
  • No adjudicated Sex Offenders or Parole cases



  • The Goals of the Project Equinox
  • To increase public safety
  • To reduce the frequency of encounters with the criminal justice system and lower recidivism rates
  • To improve the mental health, well-being and quality of life of the participant
  • A more effective use of community resources
  • Faster case processing

Referrals to the Equinox Program (Mental Heath Court) can be obtained by contacting any of the individuals listed in the contact section. This program is a collaborative effort with the following agencies: District Court (1st Judicial District), Black Hawk County Attorney's Office, Defense Attorney Dean Olson, Department of Correctional Services (1st Judicial District) and Black Hawk Grundy Mental Health Center.