Board of Adjustment

 The Board of Adjustment, as established under the applicable provisions of the Iowa State Statutes, is the Board of Adjustment referred to in the Black Hawk County Zoning Ordinance.

Appointment-Terms-Removal: The Board shall consist of five members to be appointed by the Board of Supervisors for five year terms. A majority of the members of the Board of Adjustment shall be persons residing within the county, and outside the corporate limits of any city. Members of the Board of Adjustment may be removed from office by the Board of Supervisors for cause upon written charges and after a public hearing. Vacancies shall be filled by the Board of Supervisors for the unexpired term of the member affected.


J. Peter Beck:

Gail Mueller: (Vice Chair)    

Laval Peloquin: (Chair)

Steven Rosauer:

Powers and Duties: The Board of Adjustment is hereby vested with the following powers and duties:

To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is an error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by the Zoning Administrator in the enforcement of this Ordinance.

To hear and pass all applications, special exceptions, in the manner prescribed in this Ordinance, after receiving written recommendations from the Planning and Zoning Commission.

To hear and pass all applications for variances from the terms provided in the Ordinance in the manner prescribed and subject to standards herein.

To carry out those duties required by Statute or Regulation.