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Black Hawk County Community Development Fund Application Form

  1. Tentative Schedule:

  2. Description

  3. Date

  4. Application Submission Deadline

  5. November 30, 2020

  6. Application Review

  7. December 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020

  8. Presentations to the Board of Supervisors

  9. January 1, 2021 -January 31, 2021

  10. Award Notifications

  11. February 28, 2021

  12. Year-end Presentations

  13. June 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021

  14. Application Presentations:

    Applicant presentations will be scheduled during Board budget sessions in January. The presentation length will be approximately ten (10) minutes. The Board may allow for additional time for questions and answers.

  15. Only one application for funding will be allowed for each organization for each fiscal year.

  16. Applicant Eligibility:

    In order to be eligible for this grant, the organization must be located in or have a branch location in Black Hawk County.

  17. Project Eligibility:

    Grant funds may only be used for programs or projects that directly benefit the residents of Black Hawk County. Must be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. (Organization must include 501(c)(3) designation with this application) Priority is given to requests for programs and capital projects. Funds may only be used for expenses that have not been incurred. Programs/Projects should accomplish the following: Promote economic growth and/or community development in Black Hawk County Demonstrate a return on investment Do not duplicate current economic or community development initiatives. Demonstrate a sustainability plan for project continuation. Projects are funded in one year increments.

  18. Grantee Requirements:

    Grant funding must be used for the project that was submitted on the application. Requests to use funds for other purposes must be submitted and approved by the Board of Supervisors prior to use. At any time, the Board of Supervisors may request that an update on the progress of the project be presented to the board during public meetings. The Board may request invoices or any other documentation of how funds were spent. All media releases, annual reports, and printed materials should credit Black Hawk County’s Development Fund. Contact Kayla Zwanziger for use of any logos or county information. Year-end presentations are required. Failure to submit the final report will make the applicant ineligible for future grants.

  19. To ensure fairness, applications that are incomplete, do not follow guidelines, or miss the deadline will not be eligible for funding.

  20. Applicant Information:

  21. Project/Program Information:

  22. Financial:

  23. Evaluation Criteria:

    Submitted applications will be evaluated by the following criteria in no particular order of importance: Demonstrates economic impact and/or community development. Has potential for long term impact Serves a broad segment of the population Cleary describes the project goals Demonstrates plans for future funding for the project/program

  24. Selection Process:

    The Community Development Fund may not be able to fund every funding request submitted. If an application is not awarded, the decision does not reflect on the value of the group or service.

  25. Funding decisions will be made in February.

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