What can I do if l am abused?
You may file charges if the abuser's acts constitute a crime. You also may request an order of protection and seek help from one of various agencies that offer free or low-cost services to victims of domestic violence. Contact the County Attorney's Office at 319-833-3001 for more information.

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1. What is domestic violence?
2. What can I do if l am abused?
3. What is an order of protection?
4. Do I qualify for an order of protection?
5. How do I file a criminal charge?
6. What happens when I go to the courthouse?
7. How long will the order of protection be in effect?
8. What can I do if the order is violated?
9. If convicted, what penalties will the abuser face?
10. How do I drop a No Contact Order issued in a criminal case?
11. When can I meet with a Judge about the No Contact Order?
12. Where can I get more information?
13. What do I do in an emergency?