Grundy Road Improvements

Black Hawk and Grundy Counties are in the process of constructing improvements to Grundy Road from Hwy 20 south to Zanetta Road (215th Street/D35). In December 2020 the grading phase of the project was let and awarded to Peterson Contractors Inc. (PCI). The Grading portion of the project is expected to be constructed during the 2021 construction season and into spring of 2022. Paving the newly graded roadway is anticipated to start in summer of 2022.

Contractors Preliminary Schedule

Existing Conditions

Currently the surface of the road is comprised of a gravel surface ranging from 24' to 28' wide. Over the years, with the increased traffic and the heavier loads traveling over the road, the road has been pushed wider than originally constructed. Below is a link to historic traffic maps showing the increased traffic levels. This increased width and increased traffic takes additional gravel, time and money to maintain. Over the past several years Black Hawk County has increased the amount of gravel placed on Grundy Road. Currently, 500 tons of gravel per mile are being placed on a yearly basis as part of the roads routine maintenance. This amount far exceeds the normal gravel road maintenance of 300 tons of gravel per mile every 3 years placed on other Black Hawk County roads.

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Project Map

Proposed Project Details

The overall goal of the project is to improve Grundy Road from a gravel road to have paved road to improve safety and minimize future maintenance costs. These improvements will better accommodate the increasing traffic volumes and the increase in larger agricultural vehicles. Once completed the roadway is being planned for 24' wide asphalt pavement (2-12' lanes) and 6' gravel shoulders on both sides of the road. The slopes in the ditches will be flattened and widened out to improve roadside safety and drainage. Also as part of the project, the roadway culverts will be replaced and lengthened, driveways will be re-graded and the driveway culverts will be replaced. By re-grading the roadway, hills will be lowered and valleys raised, to improve vehicle sight distance and overall safety.

With the re-grading of the roadway, additional right-of-way will be required. Currently, the right-of-way is approximately 66-ft wide. The width does vary around some culvert locations and intersections. Many of the utilities in the corridor will also be affected. Black Hawk County will be working will all of the utilities to locate their existing facilities and coordinate relocations as needed for the planned improvements.

The total project construction cost is anticipated to be $8 million. Approximately $4 million for the grading portion and $4 million for the paving portion. This cost will be evenly split between Black Hawk and Grundy Counties.

Project Timeline

  • Spring/Summer 2019 - Preliminary & Final Design
  • Spring/Summer 2020 - Right-of-way acquisitions
  • Spring 2020 - Final Design
  • Fall 2020 - Utility relocations (utility poles, telephone, fiber, etc.)
  • December 2020 - Letting for grading project
  • Spring 2021-Summer 2022 - Grading Project Construction
  • December 2021 - Anticipated letting for paving project
  • Summer 2022 - Begin paving project, completion in 3-4 months.

Project Comments

We are always interested in receiving public comments on our projects. Follow the link Below to submit a comment.

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Meeting Handouts and Project Resources

A public information meeting was held at the Dike Community Hall on Wednesday May 23, 2019 at 6:30pm. Over 80 citizens of both Grundy and Black Hawk County attended for the presentation and ask questions regarding the project. Below is a copy of the presentation, a list of common questions regarding the project and the exhibits available at the meeting.

Public Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Frequently Asked Project Questions (PDF)

Meeting Exhibits (PDF)

Historic & Current Traffic Maps (PDF)