Helping Victims


The Black Hawk County Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting the crime that has been committed against you or that you have witnessed. Your cooperation is important to ensure an effective prosecution to prevent further crimes from being committed against the people of Iowa and citizens of Black Hawk County.

We realize this may be a difficult time for you and that the Criminal Justice System can be intimidating. This program cannot erase the painful memories of a crime, but I hope it may ease your journey as the victim or witness through the criminal justice system and the court process. We will do our best to help you understand your role in the system and to answer questions you may have about the court process.

You will have contact with our Victim Witness Assistance Staff as well as the attorney handling your case. Our Victim Witness Assistance Staff can provide many services and referrals to victims and is available to help you if you have questions or if you cannot reach the attorney handling the case.

Please do not hesitate to phone us if you have questions or need assistance. Your help in making Black Hawk County a safer place is very important and appreciated.

Iowa Victim Online Training Academy