Dental Screenings

School Dental Screening Requirement
Effective July 1, 2008, kindergarten and 9th grade students are required to have a dental screening. The purpose of the dental screening requirement is to improve the oral health of Iowa’s children. Parents must bring their student’s certificate of dental screening to their school. Only the official Iowa form will be accepted.

I-Smile™ at School
I-Smile™ Coordinators work with schools throughout the state to help implement the requirement. They can assist families to get their children screened and to find follow-up care as needed. For more information call the I-Smile™ Coordinator at 319-292-2284.


I-Smile™ provides dental screenings and fluoride treatments to children at preschools and child care centers. Watch for I-Smile™ at your child’s school, and make sure you sign up!

Elementary, Middle & High Schools
I-Smile™ supplies school nurses and dental hygienists with the things they need to screen kindergarten and 9th grade students in Black Hawk County schools. Contact your school nurse to find out when screenings are available.