1st Five

Community Partnership

Parents want their children to grow into well-adjusted, happy and healthy, productive adults. The best place to begin this lifelong goal is when children are very young.

In the 1st years of life, children develop the social and emotional abilities to become self-confident, trusting, curious, skilled with language and sensitive to others. Over 90% of Iowa families take their children to a primary care provider before age 5. Primary care providers have a unique opportunity to play an important role in early identification and treatment for children’s development issues.

Iowa’s 1st Five Health Mental Development Initiative builds partnerships between physician practices and public service providers to enhance high quality well-child care for a better outlook for the children’s future.


For more information, visit the Iowa Department of Public Health website or call the Black Hawk County Health Department 319-291-2413 and ask to speak to the 1st Five Coordinator. 

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