General Assistance


Black Hawk County General Assistance provides assistance to needy and poor people in need of immediate assistance or people who cannot obtain assistance from any other source.

Assistance is provided to an individual that has income or benefits delayed from a state program or not actually received because of reasons not attributable to the person, and who does not have liquid assets of the family unit to pay for the items of assistance that can be provided.

Types of Assistance

There are 3 categories of assistance in Black Hawk County:
  1. Assistance for an extended nature
  2. Assistance for poor persons
  3. Emergency assistance for needy persons
General Assistance provides assistance to people who need help with rent, utilities and burial assistance. The assistance program is designed to provide short-term emergency type assistance to persons lacking the resources to meet their basic needs for energy and  shelter. It is not intended to provide on-going or long-term aid to any individual and/or family.


Call the office at 319-292-2261 to schedule an appointment. When you come for your appointment, bring the Application Form (PDF) along with financial information such as documentation of income, Social Security card, bills that have been paid and any outside income beyond a job.

Rent & Utility Assistance

County rent and utilities assistance is not administered from the General Assistance office. For assistance with rent or utilities contact: