Registration Locations

  • Black Hawk County Courthouse   
    316 E 5th Street  
  • Cedar Falls City Hall   
    220 Clay Street  
    Cedar Falls,IA
  • Dunkerton City Hall   
    200 E Tower Street   
  • Elk Run Heights City Hall   
    5041 Lafayette Road
    Elk Run Heights,IA
  • Evansdale City Hall   
    123 N Evans Road  

  • Gilbertville City Hall   
    1321 5th Street
  • Hudson City Hall   
    525 Jefferson Street  
    Hudson, IA
  • La Porte City Hall   
    202 Main Street
    La Porte City, IA
  • Raymond City Hall   
    6902 Lafayette Road   
    Raymond, IA
Eligible citizens may also register at the Iowa Department of Transportation offices or use the Voter Registration forms found in the Government Section of DEX / QUEST telephone directory.


Questions may be directed to the Election Department at 319-833-3007.