Voter Registration


ONLINE REGISTRATION:  Register to vote or update your voter registration here if you have an Iowa driver's license or nonoperator's ID.

Or, get the Voter Registration Form (PDF) online and fill it out neatly (print please) and use a pen. Use this form to apply to register to vote or to make changes in your registration. Read the form carefully before you sign it.


To register to vote in Iowa, you must:
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be a resident of Iowa
  • Be at least 17.5 years old (you must be 18 to vote)
  • Give up your right to vote in any other place
  • Not currently be judged by a court to be “incompetent to vote”
  • Not have been convicted of a felony (or you must have had your rights restored)


  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • ID number
  • Name (the same name as on your driver's license)
  • Sex
  • Signature
If you do not include these, your registration will be rejected. Your name, birth date and ID number will be checked. If they don’t match, your registration will be assigned a pending status and you will be notified by mail.

ID Number

Iowa driver’s license number (DL#) is required, if you have one. If not, put the number of your Iowa non-driver ID card. If you have neither of these, put the last 4 numbers of your social security number.

If your DL# is your social security number, you are required to give it. Social security, driver’s license and ID numbers are not printed on voter registration lists sold to candidates and others, and are not available for public viewing.


This is the address that is used to decide where you go to vote. If you do not have a street address, describe where you live.

Warning: You can be convicted and fined up to $7,500 and/or jailed for up to 5 years for false information. 

Submit Your Application

Tear off the Registration Form and mail it in an envelope to your county auditor. You must put a postage stamp on the envelope. Within 2 weeks you should get a notice in the mail that your registration was received. If you don’t, contact your county auditor.  For Election Day Registration information, click here.


Mail your completed voter registration form, to the following address:
Black Hawk County Auditor
Election Department
316 E 5th Street
Waterloo, IA 50703 


10 days before a primary or general election and 11 days for all others. You may register after a deadline, but the registration will not be effective until after that election. A registration form postmarked at least 15 days before an election will be accepted for that election even if it is received after the deadline to register to vote. Voters may register to vote on election day with proper identification, found here.

Registration is permanent. After you register, you do not have to register again unless you move.